Thanks Goncalo for taking the time to read!

I don't think it's at all disingenuous to say it's for white guys, by white guys. There is absolutely a lot of thought given to how to deal with struggle, difficulty and injustice, except its coming from the emporer of Rome and other revered white, non struggling people. It would be analogous to asking Jeff Bezos, Chuck Schumer, and Lawrence Krauss how to deal with poverty and racism in modern America. They'll have a lot to say, but those answers lie with the people who are actually suffering in my experience, not with self appointed "thought leaders'. Thats my distinction. The idea of allowing people like that to opine on oppression is that leads to white saviorism, something I think Stoicism can absolutey prime someone for if taken too lightly or without a broad in-depth analysis of it's teachings. Which is sort of my whole point. The surface level, shallow reads of Stoicism open up the room for a lot of problematic thinking in my opinion. If I failed to make that clear or worded it ridiculously, that's my failure as a writer.

Appreciate your thoughts and criticisms :)

I’m a Developer, Activist, Husband & Father. Romani descendant. Find me on Twitter @Ryan_Nehring or email at Top writer in Politics.

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